Bootstrap Python Package

The bootstrap-py provides generating the Python packages.

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  • Python 3.5 over


  • Generating Python package.
  • Checking Python package name existence at PyPI.
  • Test and conde checking environment is configured with the Tox, Pytest, and others.
  • Generating documentation automatically with the Sphinx.
  • Configuration Git repository, initial commit.
  • Generate sample code using --with-samples option.


Install bootstrap-py

Install bootstrap-py:

$ virtualenv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ python -m pip install bootstrap-py

Generate Python package

Generate your Python package.:

(venv)$ bootstrap-py create -a 'Your author name' -e '' \
-u '' -o '/path/to/package-dir' \
-l 'select-the-license' 'your-package-name'
(venv)$ deactivate
$ cd /path/to/package-dir
$ ls  docs     pytest.ini  utils
README.rst   libneta  setup.cfg   tox.ini

List license choices

List license description choices.:

(venv)$ bootstrap-py list -l
GPL        : GNU General Public License (GPL)
CPL        : Common Public License
IOSL       : Intel Open Source License
GPLv3+     : GNU General Public License v3 or later (GPLv3+)

Using tox

Running test with tox:

$ pip install --user tox
$ tox
_______________________________________ summary ______________________________________
py35: commands succeeded
py36: commands succeeded
pycodetyle: commands succeeded
pydocstyle: commands succeeded
docs: commands succeeded
congratulations :)